Keeping children Safe on every Ride

“Few products can be as torturous as a child’s car seat – a bulky, plastic thing that comes with assorted straps and harnesses and instructions written by Martians.”

Michael Stetz, a Union Tribune Staff Writer

Private Consulting

We offer private, in-home car seat installation and education trainings in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Our NHTSA Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician(s) will teach you how to safely transport your child and instruct you on the proper use and installation of your child’s car seat. Upon completion of our trainings, 24/7 telephone support is available to our families for as long as they need us.


Since 2011, we have provided on-location consulting for production companies looking to hire an expert in child passenger safety for commercials, television shows and movies. Our NHTSA Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician(s) are available locally in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Additionally, our technicians are available to travel out of state within the United States, Canada, Mexico and Abroad.

Teaching & Volunteering

As NHTSA Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructors, we teach Certification and Technical Update Courses with instructor teams in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties and out of our local area. Volunteering will always be at the core of our passion. We participate at car seat checkup events and with the DMV Regional Child Passenger Safety Network on their National “Virtual” Car Seat Checkup Events.

This was a surprising must have (that I didn't know I needed) for us! So much more than car seat safety. By the time we were done I knew multiple ways to install the car seat in virtually any vehicle and had practice and tips. Then general travel safety and many safety tips I just wouldn't have thought of. As a first time parent I learned a ton and highly recommend. Worth every penny and every minute.
We are so grateful to Judy and Dan for their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm--their genuine concern for our well-being and the safety of our baby-on-the-way is evident. Not only are they informed about the nuances of each car seat, but also about the particular car seat's compatibility and manufacture recommendations with your car.
About Us

In 2005, Judy Slattery and Dan Furgang began their journey in Child Passenger Safety (CPS) when they certified as CPS Technicians under the NHTSA Curriculum. Three years later, as their passion and dedication to protecting children grew stronger, they certified as CPS Instructors. 


In the fall of 2008, Judy and Dan founded Car Seat Safety People LLC; a mobile, in-home private consulting service. It was their hope that if they made it easier for families to get their children’s car seats checked, that they could protect more babies and children. Three years later, they expanded their services to on-location consulting for productions. 


Judy is an Advocate for a prominent Child Restraint Manufacturer and enjoys the platform where she can provide real-time feedback on their products and make suggestions for future products and/or upgrades to existing products. 


In 2012, Dan was recruited by a Child Restraint Manufacturer to train in all the buybuyBABY locations across the United States. His efforts were wildly successful, increasing sales exponentially. His passion for CPS education was evident, as he not only trained on the specific products, but had the opportunity to educate all the buybuyBABY gear associates across the country on how to properly recommend a car seat for a child and basic car seat education.


Katherine Graham said it perfectly. “To love what you do and feel it matters…How could anything be more fun?”

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All our technicians are fully COVID-19 vaccinated and wear appropriate PPE. 

We can supply new face shields to our clients, if requested at the time of booking.